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Bahowo Village Projects

Working together for our mutual benefit.

Since living in Bahowo, we have, with the aid of sponsorship and support from our guests and friends of Bahowo Lodge, been able to undertake a number of projects in the village, to provide or improve various aspects of village life.

Bus Stop


We have bought the village a minibus, where previously there was no reliable transport service. This has meant that the children can more easily travel to the Senior school in Manado, the people can transport produce and other goods etc to market, and find regular work outside the village.

We have also bought four cows and a cart, mainly for the local transportation of coconuts and rice for processing.



We have been able to construct a sports area for the elementary school in Bahowo, and we provide new work, reference and text books, as well as educational facilities such as  white boards, a television and DVD player. We have also been able to sponsor students from Bahowo through university courses, and help with school fees for children of some of the poorer families.



We have built a clinic in the village, and provided medical and first-aid equipment, as well as a house for the residence of a village nurse. Part of the clinic building is also used as a Community Centre and meeting place for the people of Bahowo.

Other Miscellaneous items have included large rubbish containers throughout Bahowo,  pillars at the village entrance, and general maintenance of the village road.

The people and organizations that have helped us with these projects are too numerous to mention here, and some may wish to remain anonymous, but may we extend our thanks, on behalf of the people of Bahowo, to everyone who has helped us over the past few years.