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Bahowo Village

A peaceful, traditional North Sulawesi village.

Bahowo is one of the eleven villages which are located within the Bunaken National Marine Park. It was founded in 1955, by settlers from the archipelago of Sangihe Talaut, close to the Philippines.

Bahowo has approximately 80 households whose main occupations, apart from fishing, are the farming of coconut plantations and seasonal crops, and the raising of livestock. There is a working, black-sand beach, the remainder of the bordering coastline being mangrove. The village also has an elementary school with its own sports area two Christian churches, a small clinic and meeting hall.

Bahowo is a very quiet, peaceful village, having no through-road and no privately owned vehicles, apart from the Lodge vehicles and a village-owned micro-lite bus. It is surrounded on all sides by sea, mangroves or mountains. Bahowo Lodge is set at the end of the village, overlooking the sea.

Our philosophy has always been integration and cooperation with the people of the village, working with them for our mutual benefit. All of our staff live in the village with their families, and the people of Bahowo have supported us throughout our venture. Our guests will always receive a warm welcome should you decide to “Jalan jalan” [walk about] in this safe and very friendly village or join in a game of village football.

Our guests may also enjoy the beautiful, “masamper” singing, which is a tradition bought from, and unique to, the Sangihe Talaut islands. The villagers need no excuse for a “festival”, and private masamper events can always be arranged at the Lodge, by our own group of singers.

"...As you drive down into the village, where Bahowo sits at the end of the line, local children wave and smile. When you reach the lodge gates, chickens, dogs and children scatter to admit you to the warm welcome from English couple Phil & Paula...."

Village Projects

The Bahowo Lodge works hard to be a part of the village. We do this through hiring locals to work in the lodge and through village improvement projects. Some of our guests have even gotten involved.

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