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Bird Watching with Bahowo Lodge

Eagles, Hawks, Parrots, Owls, Kingfishers, Hornbills, and Maleo

A significant number of our guests who stay at Bahowo Lodge do so to watch or photograph the fantastic variety of birds which live on the North Sulawesi peninsula, a large percentage of which are endemic species.

To name but a few of the Sulawesi endemics, we have 6 different eagles or hawks, 9 species of parrot, 5 owls, 6 kingfishers, 2 hornbills, and of course the maleo bird, which buries its’ eggs to incubate in the warm volcanic sand.

North Sulawesi consists of many distinct habitats, from lowland rainforests to highland areas, volcanic slopes, mangrove forests and of course coastal regions.

Bird watching is possible from the balconies of Bahowo Lodge, and Tangkoko National Forest Park is an easy day trip from Bahowo, where specialist “Bird Rangers” can be employed to help find, identify and photograph the birds which live in the forest and along the coast. It is also possible to organize an overnight stay in the National Park.

Shown on this page is just a small example of the birds which are found here, and we wish to thank Mr K.C. Tsang, who recently stayed at Bahowo Lodge, for supplying the photographs.

"This is a small lodge in Bahowo village run by an English couple, Phil and Paula who are so friendly and helpful that I'm going back for my 6th visit. This is the place to unwind and feel pampered. The marine park has famous world class sites for scuba divers which is why my husband loves it and I just love to chill around the pool and recharge my batteries. The food is home cooked by one of the local ladies and all the staff are from the village. Everyone is very friendly and English is widely spoken. The lodge has just been extended and now there are hot showers in every bathroom. There are trips to go on, a visit to the volcano or a day out to the Highlands, shopping in Manado or just a gentle boat trip to a neighbouring island for a picnic and swim on a deserted beach to name but a few. Not a place for people who want to be busy and have late nights but a great place for rest and relaxation."