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Island, Highland, Birding & Rafting Tours

There is so much to see and do...

Whlist Bunaken Park an Lembeh Strait are world renowned for spectacular diving, the peninsular of North Sulawesi offers a great many other attractions for divers and non divers alike. We offer a wide variety of competitively priced tours over land and sea.

Sea & Island Tours

Bahowo Lodge is ideally located for exploring the islands of Bunaken Park and the surrounding coastline. Why not take a trip in a local traditional fishing boat from Bahowo to visit the unspoiled deserted white - sand beaches of the local islands. Spend the day snorkelling to explore the beautiful coral reefs, swimming and relaxing with a picnic or barbecue lunch prepared on the beach by our staff.

For the more energetic we include a leisurely walk around part of Manado Tua island, stopping to visit the local villages and experience the fascinating scenery on the way, ending up on the beach for a cooling swim and lunch. Above the coconut line Manado Tua is a primary rainforest and some of our more adventurous guests have made it to the summit of this extinct volcano.

Bahowo Lodge has its own spectacular house-reef at Abang Point, just in front of the Lodge which is perfect for a snorkelling trip.

Bird Watching

Some of our guests come to Bahowo Lodge specifically to bird watch due the abundant and unique bird life around the Lodge and mangroves. Our boat is available to take you on a bird watching trip along the local mangrove coastline at sunset. Why not end your day with a leisurely cruise to watch the spectacular sunset over Manado Tua?

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Overland Trips

All of the overland trips are taken in our air conditioned cars accompanied by our experienced staff.

Overland trips, include a tour of the fascinating highlands of Minahasa, where you can experience a complete contrast in landscape and culture. This fertile upland area offers a number of fascinating attractions including a Chinese Pagoda, spectacular waterfalls, active volcanoes, the vast, fresh water Lake Tondano, hot springs and the biggest and most diverse market in the area. Or you may wish to visit Tangkoko National Park, within which the rainforest and coastline provide a fascinating insight into the local bird and animal life, much of which is unique to Sulawesi. These include Tarsiers [the smallest monkey in the world], Black Macaques, Hornbills and snakes.

We also offer tours of Manado city, the capital of North Sulawesi. This includes the “down – town”, an area of small shops and traders, the modern and air conitioned Boulevard shopping Malls, and “Chinatown”, with its Chinese temple. Manado is a rapidly developing city with a good range of nightclubs and restaurants. We offer a personal river and car should you wish to explore the city during the day or at night.

White water rafting trips can also be arranged.

"This is a small lodge in Bahowo village run by an English couple, Phil and Paula who are so friendly and helpful that I'm going back for my 6th visit. This is the place to unwind and feel pampered. The marine park has famous world class sites for scuba divers which is why my husband loves it and I just love to chill around the pool and recharge my batteries. The food is home cooked by one of the local ladies and all the staff are from the village. Everyone is very friendly and English is widely spoken. The lodge has just been extended and now there are hot showers in every bathroom. There are trips to go on, a visit to the volcano or a day out to the Highlands, shopping in Manado or just a gentle boat trip to a neighbouring island for a picnic and swim on a deserted beach to name but a few. Not a place for people who want to be busy and have late nights but a great place for rest and relaxation."